While Z-Wave offers basic compatibility between Z-Wave devices and Z-Wave gateways, the reality is that the advanced features of devices needs to be integrated into gateways for all of them to work. Consider Aeotec's MultiSensor 6 - motion sensing is a standard Z-Wave feature and should be compatible across all gateways. However, the other 5 sensors within MultiSensor 6 are not standard to Z-Wave and need to be integrated into a gateway's firmware for them to work.

Hence the frequent question of whether a particular Aeotec product will work with a particular gateway.

To help answer those questions, we've created a list of our products and the currently known status of Z-Wave gateway compatibility. Follow the link to read it.

The guide offers a listing of all of Aeotec's products along with a plethora of hubs and software systems, including popular choices such as Fibaro, SmartThings, Vera, and Wink.