This solution shows you how to pair, remove, or factory reset your devices using Smart Home Hub. It forms part of a broader guide on managing and using Smart Home Hub which can be found here  

Moving forward in this user guide, all functions and steps are based on generic methods of pairing, removing, automating, which may differ a little bit in some devices. 

Installing devices

Smart Home Hub supports a thousands of wireless devices by communicated to them through technologies such as Z-Wave, Zigbee, Wi-Fi and indirectly via the cloud. Each wireless communication methods will have a different method to connecting them into Smart Home Hub, but the interface of Smart Home Hub will provide you those specific instructions.

If you'd like to understand which products are compatible with the SmartThings software that powers Aeotec Smart Home Hub, please follow that link.

This guide will go over their generic methods of pairing them.

1. Z-Wave steps

  1. Open SmartThings Connect
  2. Select "+" located at the top right corner (second icon from the right)
  3. Select "Device"
  4. Search "Z-Wave"
  5. Select Z-Wave
  6. Select Generic Z-Wave Device
  7. Follow its steps to pairing
    • Press Start
    • Set the hub that is pairing this
    • Set the Room
    • Tap Next
  8. Now tap the button on the device you want to pair.
    • Some devices may have custom button presses such as double or triple press. Make sure you look at your Z-Wave devices instructions to get the correct button press combination. 
  9. (If Secure pairing available) Scan the QR code or choose to enter the DSK code (pin code located under the QR barcode)

2. Zigbee or WiFi steps

  1. From the front dashboard of SmartThings, tap +.
  2. Select Device.
  3. Select a brand and the device.
    • Follow the steps displayed on screen to pair that Zigbee of WiFi device.
  4. Plug the Zigbee / WiFi device into power and/or scan the devices QR code. Smart Home Hub should be able to find the device automatically after some time has passed.
    • Some devices may require special button pressed, make sure to refer to the instruction guide of the Zigbee or WiFi device that you are pairing.

Removing devices

Smart Home Hub can factory reset Z-Wave devices called "Z-Wave Exclusion" which will work with any Z-Wave device regardless if they are paired or not.

1. Z-Wave Steps

  1. Open SmartThings Connect.
  2. Find the Smart Home Hub in the device list and select it.
  3. Select the 3 dots icon located at the top right corner.
  4. Tap Z-Wave utilities.
  5. Tap Z-Wave exclusion.
  6. Ensure that the LED on Smart Home Hub is blinking.
  7. Tap the button on the Z-Wave device that you want to factory reset.
    • Usually it is a single tap of the button, but other devices may have special button presses (ie. double, triple press, or press and hold for a certain amount of time).

2. Zigbee or Wifi Steps

  1. Primarily these devices can just be removed using the remove method mentioned in section c (remove a device).
  2. Some devices have a manual factory reset option which may need to be done in order to connect that device to a new hub.

Force removing a device

Any device can be force removed from SmartThings Connect interface. This method is not preferred but should only be used if you have no other options to removing a failed device.


  1. On SmartThings dashboard, select the node/device you want to delete to access its more detailed page.
  2. Tap the 3 dot icon located at the top right corner.

  3. Tap Edit.
  4. At the bottom of the page, tap on Delete device.

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