This solution will explain what a cluster is, and how you can use multiple AutoPilots with a single AutoPilot server. It forms part of a broader guide on managing and using AutoPilot which can be found here 

What is a cluster

Clustering helps you to manage one or more AutoPilots within one main AutoPilot as the primary. The connection is established by TCP/IP with each connected AutoPilot is called a Cluster.

Create a cluster

These steps will lead you through setting up your cluster of AutoPilots to connect to a single primary AutoPilot.


  1. Go to Menu > Clustering
  2. Add a new Cluster
    1. Add Name
    2. Add URL to target AutoPilot 
      1. Local IP Address - allows it to be accessible in the same network.
      2. Remote address - URL that will be called during the aeotec id forwarding. 
    3. Add login
    4. Add password
    5. Activate the connection
    6. Press Save

Edit a cluster

You will be able to edit your cluster at any time to update its name, URL, login, password, or enable/disable the active cluster connections. 

Edit a Cluster (assuming your credentials are correct and AutoPilot is available)

  • A list of devices is shown below
  • Assign device to favourite space
  • Add it to oversight

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