In order to update the Z-Stick 7, this actually uses the standard library for Z-Wave. Downloading PC Controller 5 should give you all of the latest firmware updates but it's buried way inside the installed folders for Z-Wave SDK files. 


  • Windows PC
  • Simplicity Studio environment
  • PC Controller 5

If you do not have Windows.

If you do use Windows.

IMPORTANT - If you do not have PC Controller 5, follow these steps on a Windows PC to gain access to PC Controller 5 before you move forward with the steps below: Z-Wave command class configuration tool download.

1. To save you from digging through 20 folders, I've attached 7.15 SDK firmware update for Series 700 Z-Wave USB Adapters. Download the attached file

If you're really curious, this is the folder that its located in "C:\SiliconLabs\SimplicityStudio\v5\developer\sdks\gecko_sdk_suite\v3.1\protocol\z-wave\Apps\bin" (For 7.15) 

Download V7.15 update:

  1. EU Frequency 
  2. US Frequency

2. Open up PC Controller 5 through Simplicity Studios.
3. If your Z-Stick 7 is not immediately connected to the tool, click on GEAR icon -> Select the COM port -> Press OK
4. Now select "OTW Firmware Update"
5. Select the downloaded attachment file.

6. It will take about a minute to finish, after the firmware update is done.

7. It is recommended to:

  • Wait 1 minute
  • Close out PC Controller 5 software
  • Unplug your Z-Stick 7
  • Wait 1 minute
  • Then plug your Z-Stick 7 back.

Note - If your Z-Stick 7 is already running firmware 7.15 or later, this firmware update will fail instantly (but will not negatively affect your Z-Stick 7).