This page outlines steps trigger different sounds scenes for Doorbell Gen5 in Homeseer software using the events and triggers available and form part of the larger Doorbell Gen5 user guide.

These same steps can be used for any Z-Wave product for custom use over your Z-Wave devices.

Step by Step Guide.

Below are the steps that you will need to take to take to use to trigger individual Configuration SET commands using Homeseer Event Automation under the action commands.

1. First open up Homeseer HS3 software

2. Go to View -> Events

3. Towards the top, click on the "+" green button next to "Event Groups"

4. Name the event of what you want. (You can have multiple events under this group to have various triggers).

5. Press the arrow next to "New Events"

6. Name the new event within this group.

7. Create your trigger (this part depends on your needs, below is just an example setting):

Click the drop down box after "IF" and select "Device Value is..."

Click (Choose Another) and select "This device changes and becomes"

Click on (Select a Device) and select the device you want to trigger the event.

Click on the new empty box and select the value of the device will change to in order to trigger the event.

8. Leave the box "Then" alone.

Select (Choose an Action) then select "Z-Wave Actions".

Under "Network:" select the network ID that is controlling your Z-Wave network

Select (Choose A Z-Wave Action), then at the very last option at the bottom, select "Set a Configuration Parameter Value"

Then under "Choose A Device:" select the empty box and look for the product you want to send a configuration setting to (In this case your Doorbell Gen5).

9. There are 3 values you can set:

Lets say that you want to trigger Sound #2 on Doorbell Gen5 when the event triggers. This would be the setting that you will need to configure to play sound #2 using configuration settings.

 Parameter Number    Parameter Description                                                                                                                                                   Size

So under this case you would set these values:

Parameter Number = 6 

Value (Decimal) = 2

Value Size = 1

10. Save the Event and enjoy.